Withdrawal Letter

If your child has been attending a public school, it is important that you explain your child's absence to school authorities so they don't consider your child truant. We have below a sample letter available for your reference. If you wish, you may also download the letter.

Please note that in 1990, the law was modified to require parents who wish to remove five and six-year-old children from a public school setting to do so in writing. This is merely a notification, not a request of permission or to be construed as a registration.  Contact FHE for the correct letter for a 5-6 year old.

To print a PDF copy of the sample letter; Click Here.   Or copy and paste the letter below into your Word/Google document.

Recommended instructions: Send a copy (one per child) to your school superintendent or principal via certified mail so that you have delivery information.  Always sign your letter and keep a copy for your files.  Although mailing is the best option, you can also hand deliver your letter to the school office. Take 2 copies: one for the school to keep and one for them to sign for your records.  Please do NOT sign a school’s form letter since that is NOT required by law to do so.  Your letter is sufficient.

If you have a special needs child with an IEP and you no longer want to continue services with the school, FHE also recommends an IEP Revocation Letter.
Click here for instructions and letter.




Paul & Penny Parent

1983 Liberty Dr

Responsibility, MO 6xxxx (Your Name and Address)

July 8, 2011 (Current Date)

Dr. Joseph Administrator, Supt.

18 Public Street (Your Superintendent’s Name and Address)

Responsibility, MO 6xxxx

Dear Dr. Administrator:

Pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 167.031 (RSMo), we have elected to educate our ___th grade son/daughter, (child’s name here), at home.

Please forward copies of all records that you have accumulated on our son/daughter to the above address. Include copies of all health records, standardized test results, and all other evaluations, records and reports presently in your files. (Note: This request is made pursuant to the Parental Rights and Responsibility Act of 1974.) Please include a signed, “date received” (stamped or hand-notation by signer) copy of this letter so our records will be complete.

We realize that you have statutory responsibility for the investigation of cases of suspected truancy regarding public school students. Therefore, this letter is being sent to release the public school system from that responsibility.

It must be pointed out, however, that this letter shall not be construed to be a “declaration of enrollment” or registration, which is an option contained in Chapter 167.042 (RSMo), nor are you permitted to include our child(ren) as part of your student count for the purpose of obtaining state or federal money.

Thank you for your attention in this matter. If you have any questions, please submit them to us in writing.


(Sign your letter here)

Paul & Penny Parent

P.S. You can find the relevant Missouri Statutes, 167.031, 167.042, 167.061, 167.071 and 210.167 RSMo on the web at: (www.revisor.mo.gov/main/Home.aspx)

Signature of School Official ?

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Date Received

Printed Name of School Official


Note to parents: The “P.S.” is optional. If you photocopy the pages from “First Things First,” please mask the page numbers, FHE logo, the notes from FHE, and clipart. It would be best if you obtained your copies of the statutes from another source like the Missouri government website (www.revisor.mo.gov/main/Home.aspx)