Special Needs

More and more parents with special needs children are making the decision to teach their special children at home. If you are one of these parents, FHE is there for you, too, just like any other homeschooling family.

Benefits of Home Educating Your Special Needs Child

- One-on-one, the best learning environment for most children, but especially special needs children.

- More about the benefits of home educating your special needs child.

- Resources and Assistance for families with special needs children is growing. There are more therapy providers who work with homeschool families, more curriculum is being written specifically for learning challenged children being educated at home, as well as home programs for speech, language disorders, and occupational/physical therapy. Be encouraged, with a little research, you can find the perfect fit for your child.

Sample IEP Release Letter

The procedure for withdrawal of a special needs child is the same as for any other child, unless your child is under an IEP. According to IDEA 2009 revisions, parents wishing to remove their child from the IEP process must revoke consent for services in writing. The school is then mandated to provide you with written notice about their intentions for your child.

To print off a PDF copy of FHE's sample IEP Release letter, Click here.