Capitol Report

Update #4 (updates in Green)

April 21, 2022 (previous updates posted January 24 and 31, February 4)


This will be the last three weeks of the Legislative Session. It is usually very intense as the House and Senate work on the State Budget, which must be completed before the last week of Session. They will be working many long hours to complete the process of getting “their” bills through the Legislature and to the Governor.


The Missouri 2022 Legislative Session began on January 5. We are busy watching the many bills that have already been introduced for this session. The Senate has introduced over 500 bills and the House has introduces over 1500 bills.
Committee activities and hearings are now in full swing. Committees are beginning to report bills back to the House and Senate floor. This is looking to be a very busy legislative session.  We are continuing to watch the many bills that have been introduced and assigned to Committees.

If you have questions or concerns about legislation that would affect a home school, please contact:
Erin and Charyti Jackson, FHE Executive Directors at [email protected] 
FHE is watching and following list of bills. The list will be updated and FHE’s position may change as a bill progresses through the legislative process.

Missouri Empowerment Scholar expansion:

HB 2211, sponsored by Rep. Josh Hurlburt
HCS HB 2211, includes the amendment to remove a home school from the Missouri Empowerment Scholarship Program
Authorizes students residing in counties with at least one hundred thousand inhabitants to participate in the Missouri Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Program

Activity Description

1/05/2022           Introduced and Read First Time (H)
1/06/2022           Read Second Time (H)
1/13/2022            Referred: Elementary and Secondary Education(H)
1/19/2022            Public Hearing Scheduled, Bill not Heard (H)
4/05/2022          Public Hearing Completed (H)
4/12/2022           Executive Session Completed (H)
4/12/2022           HCS Voted Do Pass (H)
4/13/2022           HCS Reported Do Pass (H) - AYES: 13 NOES: 6 PRESENT: 0
4/13/2022           Referred: Rules - Legislative Oversight(H)

Support, with the amendment to remove a home school from the Missouri Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Program.

Compulsory Attendance:

HB 1802, sponsored by Rep. Ann Kelley

Activity Description

Changes the compulsory attendance ages from 7 years old to 17 years old to 5 years old to 18 years old. This lowers the compulsory attendance age and raises the compulsory attendance age.

12/02/2021         Prefiled (H)
1/05/2022          Read First Time (H)
1/06/2022          Read Second Time (H)
2/01/2022          Referred: Elementary and Secondary Education(H)


HB 1942, sponsored by Rep. Ian Mackey

Activity Description

Lowers compulsory attendance from 7 years old to 5 years old

12/14/2021         Prefiled  (H)
1/05/2022         Read First Time (H)
1/06/2022         Read Second Time (H)


Homeschool Activities:

HB 2369, sponsored by Rep. Josh Hurlbert

HCS for HB 2369

Prohibits public school membership in any statewide activities association that prohibits home school students from participating in any event or activity offered by the school district in which the student resides

Activity Description

1/10/2022           Introduced and Read First Time (H)
1/11/2022            Read Second Time (H)
1/31/2022            Public Hearing Completed (H)
3/07/2022           Executive Session Completed (H)
3/07/2022           HCS Voted Do Pass (H)
3/09/2022          HCS Reported Do Pass (H) - AYES: 13 NOES: 1 PRESENT: 0
3/09/2022          Referred: Rules - Legislative Oversight(H)
3/31/2022           Executive Session Completed (H)
3/31/2022           House Rules – Legislative Committee Voted Do Pass (H)
3/31/2022           H 1694   Reported Do Pass (H) - AYES: 11 NOES: 0 PRESENT: 0
4/11/2022           H 1989   Placed on the House Informal Perfection Calendar (H)


SB 835, sponsored by Sen. Cindy O’Laughlin

Provides that no public school shall be a member of a statewide activities association if such association prohibits a home school student from participating in any event or activity offered by a public school in the school district in which the student resides

Activity Description

1/20/2022           Second Read and Referred S Education Committee
4/19/2022           Hearing Conducted S Education Committee


Parental Rights:

HB 1858, sponsored by Rep. Ben Baker

Establishes the Parents' Bill of Rights Act of 2022

HCS for HB 1858

Activity Description

12/07/2021          Prefiled (H)
1/05/2022           Read First Time (H)
1/06/2022           Read Second Time (H)
1/13/2022            Referred: Elementary and Secondary Education(H)
2/15/2022           Public Hearing Completed (H)
2/23/2022           Executive Session Completed (H)
2/23/2022           HCS Voted Do Pass (H)
2/24/2022           HCS Reported Do Pass (H) - AYES: 15 NOES: 6 PRESENT: 0
2/24/2022           Referred: Rules - Legislative Oversight(H)
4/07/2022           Executive Session Completed (H)
4/07/2022           Voted Do Pass (H)
4/07/2022           Reported Do Pass (H) - AYES: 5 NOES: 3 PRESENT: 0
4/12/2022           Placed on the Informal Perfection Calendar (H)
4/12/2022           Taken Up for Perfection (H)
4/12/2022           Title of Bill - Agreed To
4/12/2022           Motion to Reconsider Adopted (H) - Adoption of Title AYES: 91 NOES: 41 PRESENT: 2
4/12/2022           Title of Bill - Agreed To
4/12/2022           HCS Adopted (H)
4/12/2022           Perfected with Amendments (H) - HA 1, HA 2, HA 3, HA 4, HA 5, HA 7, HA 1 to HA 8
                              HA 8, as amended, HA 1 to HA 9, HA 9, as amended, adopted.
4/13/2022           Referred Fiscal Review (H)
4/14/2022           Placed on the Informal Third Reading Calendar (H)
4/19/2022           Executive Session Completed (H)
4/19/2022           Voted Do Pass (H)
4/19/2022           Reported Do Pass (H) - AYES: 5 NOES: 2 PRESENT: 0
4/19/2022           Taken Up for Third Reading (H)
4/19/2022           Third Read and Passed (H)
4/19/2022           Reported to the Senate and First Read (S)



HJR 110, sponsored by Rep. Phil Christofanelli


Proposes a constitutional amendment relating to the parents' bill of rights

Activity Description

1/06/2022           Introduced and Read First Time (H)
1/10/2022            Read Second Time (H)
1/13/2022            Referred: Elementary and Secondary Education House Committee
Public hearing scheduled for 1/25/2022, 8:00 am, Hearing Room 7
1/25/2022           Public Hearing Completed (H)
2/8/2022            Executive Session, 8:00AM, House Hearing Room 7
2/08/2022          Executive Session Continued
2/08/2022          Action Postponed (H)
2/15/2022           Executive Session Completed (H)
2/15/2022           HCS Voted Do Pass (H)
2/15/2022           HCS Reported Do Pass (H) – AYES: 14  NOES:6  PRESENT: 0
2/15/2022           Referred: Rules - Legislative Oversight(H)
2/24/2022           Executive Session Completed (H)
2/24/2022           Voted Do Pass (H)
2/24/2022           Reported Do Pass (H) - AYES: 6 NOES: 3 PRESENT: 0
3/08/2022           Placed on the Informal Perfection Calendar (H)
3/30/2022           Placed Back on Formal Perfection Calendar
4/06/2022           Placed on the Informal Perfection Calendar (H)
4/20/2022           Taken Up for Perfection (H)
4/20/2022           Title of Bill - Agreed To
4/20/2022           HCS Adopted (H)
4/20/2022           Perfected with Amendments (H) - HA 1 to HA 1, HA 2 to HA 1, HA 3 to HA 1, HA 1, as amended, adopted.



Senate Substitute for SB 761 (Perfected) , sponsored by Senator Justin Brown

Creates provisions relating to access to public records, includes "Parents' Access to Public School Records Act"

Activity Description

12/1/2021            Prefiled
1/5/2022              S First Read        
1/13/2022            Second Read and Referred S Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Safety Committee
1/25/2022            Hearing Conducted S Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Safety Committee             
2/10/2022            Voted Do Pass S Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Safety Committee       
3/7/2022              Reported from S Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Safety Committee      
3/29/2022            SS S offered (Brown)--(3550S.02F)           
3/29/2022            SA 1 to SS S offered & Ruled out of order (Eigel)--(3550S02.01S) 
3/29/2022            SA 2 to SS S offered (Eigel)--(3550S02.11S)           
3/29/2022            Bill Placed on Informal Calendar
4/13/2022            SS S withdrawn
4/13/2022            SS#2 S offered (Brown)--(3550S.03F)      
4/13/2022            SA 1 to SS#2 S offered & adopted (Onder)--(3550S03.01S)             
4/13/2022            SS#2, as amended, S adopted    
4/13/2022            Perfected
4/14/2022            Reported Truly Perfected S Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions and Ethics Committee
4/20/2022           S Third Read and Passed              
4/20/2022           H First Read



HB 1995, sponsored by Rep. Doug Richey

Provides for protections for parental rights and transparency in public schools

Activity Description

12/16/2021         Prefiled (H)
1/05/2022          Read First Time (H)
1/06/2022          Referred: Elementary and Secondary Education Committee (H)
1/11/2022           Public Hearing Completed (H)
2/8/2022           Executive Session, 8:00AM, House Hearing Room 7
2/08/2022         Action Postponed (H)
2/15/2022          Executive Session Completed (H)
2/15/2022          HCS Voted Do Pass (H)
2/16/2022          HCS Reported Do Pass (H) – AYES:12  NOES: 8  PRESENT: 0
2/16/2022          Referred: Rules - Legislative Oversight(H)

HCS HB 1995 & 1474

Page 5, lines 31-35:

131 (3) Prohibit a court of competent jurisdiction, a law enforcement officer, or
132 employee of a governmental entity or other public institution responsible for child
133 welfare from acting within the reasonable and prudent scope of such court or person's
134 official capacity and authority in a manner not otherwise inconsistent with the
135 provisions of sections 161.851 to 161.853;



HB 1474, sponsored by Rep. Nick Schroer

Establishes requirements for public schools regarding parents and curricula
Committee plans to combine with HB 1995

Activity Description

12/01/2021        Prefiled (H)
1/05/2022          Read First Time (H)
1/06/2022          Read Second Time (H)
1/06/2022          Referred: Elementary and Secondary Education(H)
1/11/2022          Public Hearing Completed (H)
2/15/2022          Executive Session Completed (H)
2/15/2022          HCS Voted Do Pass (H)
2/16/2022          HCS Reported Do Pass (H) - AYES: 12 NOES: 8 PRESENT: 0
2/16/2022          Referred: Rules - Legislative Oversight(H)



Driver’s education:

SB 1113, sponsored by Sen. O’Laughlin

Enacts provisions relating to driver's education and training

Activity Description

1/31/2022           S First Read
3/22/2022           Hearing Conducted S Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Safety Committee
4/5/2022             Voted Do Pass S Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Safety Committee

Must include provisions for parent taught driver’s education courses. This bill would make driver’s education mandatory for any driver who has never had a driver’s license.


2021 Legislation Update - HB 349 and SB 86
FHE is aware that there are many new families homeschooling this year because of the challenges of the Covid restrictions. Since this is a new experience, many may not be aware of the past struggles to secure our homeschool freedoms in Missouri. Homeschooling was “legal”, but the law was “vague”. In 1986 the current “homeschool law” was passed only after a class action lawsuit when a judge transferred the responsibility to the legislature to enact a new statute. The new statute was passed on May 15, 1986, the last day of the session.

We must continue to be vigilant in protecting our homeschool freedoms. You, as member families, play an important part. Here are a few things you can do as part of the “team” to protect our freedoms. Being an FHE member helps with our influence at the legislature. Encourage other homeschool families to be members. The number of members FHE represents makes a difference to the legislators. Get to know your representative and senator. Then if you need to make a call or write an email, your representative and senator will already be familiar with you and your family. This can make an impact when contacting them. Then, be willing to make that call or write the email when FHE alerts you to an issue.

Since the Covid restrictions limited the 2020 Session, the 2021 Session was packed with legislation. Between the House and the Senate there were over 2000 bills introduced. Out of the 2000 bills only about 70 actually passed the legislature.

Several “school choice” bills were introduced. This meant many hours were spent listening to the House and Senate Education hearings and the House and Senate floor debate. The school choice bills were aimed at giving public school students a choice for enrolling in public, charter, private, or homeschool. Since several of the bills included “Home School” as one of the choices, FHE wanted to make sure none of the bills would lead to a loss of freedom for home school families in the future.

There was some interest expressed, especially by new homeschooling families, in HB 349, which establishes the “Missouri Empowerment Scholarship Accounts”. Just so there is no misunderstanding, HB 349 is NOT a homeschool bill. It is a school choice bill particularly designed to provide school choice to public school students.

If a student chooses to apply for the “scholarship” and use the “home school” option, they will be required to comply with the rules of the scholarship as well and the “homeschool law”. One example will be the requirement for the student to take standardized tests to help determine the success of the program. “Free” money always has strings attached.

FHE will continue to oppose any kind of mandatory testing as a requirement to homeschool in the state of Missouri. FHE’s goal is to protect the inalienable right of parents to teach their own children without state regulation and control. We oppose any further restrictions on our freedoms than are already in the statutes.
For a better understanding of HB 349, the following is a quick summary of the requirements laid out as FHE understands them to be:

The scholarships will be funded by private individuals or businesses that will receive a tax credit for their donation. There is a cap on the amount of the donation and a limit on total allowable tax credits. Educational Assistance Organizations will be set up to oversee and distribute the scholarships.

A “qualified student” must “be a resident of Missouri and reside in any county with a charter form of government or any city with at least thirty thousand inhabitants”.

The student must also have an approved ““individualized education plan”(IEP) developed under the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), 20 U.S.C. Section 1400 et seq.,” or be “a member of a household whose total annual income does not exceed an amount equal to two hundred percent of the income standard used to qualify for free and reduced price lunches, and meets at least one of the following qualifications:”
1. Attended a public school one semester of the last 12 months or
2. Or is eligible to begin kindergarten or first grade.
There is also a priority in which the scholarships will be handed out.

HB 349 and HB 86, which has some added requirements to HB 349 and future limitations, was signed by Governor Parson, July 14, 2021. HB 349 and SB 86 will now be sent to the Missouri Secretary of State’s office to become an enrolled act. The law will not go into effect until August 28, 2021.
To view the bills and the summaries visit these links:
HB 349, Truly Agreed and Finally Passed, Bill Language
HB 349, Truly Agreed and Finally Passed, Summary
SB 86, Truly Agreed and Finally Passed, Bill Language
SB 86, Truly Agreed and Finally Passed, Summary

FHE appreciates your support of homeschooling and your willingness to stand with us to protect our Missouri homeschool freedoms. Thank you for being part of the team. It takes all of us working together!!!

Thank you to the families that came to the FHE Homeschool Day in March. It was a great day and made an impact for homeschool support.
Mark your calendars for next year—March 1, 2022!!!
(For more bill information visit www.house.mo.gov or www.senate.mo.gov)


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