Why Join?


Would you like to be part of protecting Missouri home educator’s rights to home school their own children as they want? The FHE board, supported by our members like you, do just that by addressing home school issues with:

  • Missouri’s legislature through our registered lobbyist
  • Juvenile officers
  • DSS officials (formerly known as DFS)
  • Public school administrators and principals
  • Other public “authorities”
  • Media

You may not see us in your area much or maybe you haven’t even heard of us, but FHE has been there for you for almost 40 years (1983), protecting your freedom to home educate your children.

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Ways to join:

1. Purchase Membership ($20.00 per year):   Sign up on-line now!
(Order a “First Things First” booklet, $10.00 along with your membership)

2. Print and Mail an FHE Membership Form Here.
(Membership form is also an order form for the “First Things First” booklet and CD.)


Member Benefits:

  • Your membership increases our lobbying influence
  • Your rights are protected by our registered lobbyist
  • You can receive help with contacts by government officials
  • HSLDA group discount
  • FHE seals for high school diplomas (small donation requested)
  • Bulletins with timely information and Emails when there is news to share
  • Additional homeschool resources including record forms, Excel spreadsheet for Daily Log of Hours, fillable transcript, new Homeschool Journal, and children’s activities