Region 1



Erin and Charyti are here to help you on
your home school journey. If you have
questions or information that might be of
interest to others in your region, please
contact them.

Erin and Charyti Jackson
Region 1 Directors

1-877-696-6343 Ext. 1

f[email protected]


If you and your senior would be interested in 
FHE sponsoring an FHE Region 1 Graduation Ceremony,
contact Charyti at [email protected] or 1-877-696-6343 Ext. 1.


Consider attending a Homeschool Conference/Convention
 and Be Encouraged and Re-energized
In Your Commitment to Homeschooling Your Children!!!!



Teach Them Diligently
Rogers, Arkansas

March 26-28, 2020

Great Homeschool Conventions
St. Charles, MO
March 26-28, 2020



MPE Homeschool Conference
Kansas City, MO

April 3-4, 2020