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Legal Help

Home School Legal Defense Association
The Home School Legal Defense Association is a non-profit advocacy organization established to defend and advance the constitutional right of parents to direct the education of their children and to protect family freedoms. FHE strongly encourages all home educating families to join HSLDA.

College Preparation

Missouri Department of Higher Education college preparation core curriculum guidelines (The Coordinating Board of Higher Education encourages governing boards at Missouri's postsecondary institutions to incorporate this 24-unit high school core curriculum into admissions processes for all first-time freshmen.)

ACT Online (ACT Test)

SAT Prep Course Reviews

College Board Online (SAT test)

Sat, GRE, Tests 

Official CLEP information

Accelerated Distance Education

ACT Practice/

Advanced Placement (AP) practice exams

Art and Music

Louvre Museum

A. Pintura, Art Detective

Exploring Leonardo

Inside Art 

Children's Music Web

Maestro Classics Music Curriculum

Foreign Language

Foreign Language For Travelers




Ask Dr. Math

Gallery Of Interactive Geometry

Khan Academy 


Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site 

The Children's Literature Web Guide 

Epic Books

EverBright Kids Magazine

NYPL Library free downloads

Learn at Home. Scholastic


Answers in Genesis

The MAD Sci Network

Science Learning Network

Museum of Science, Boston

NASA Home Page

NASA Media Library

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory


U.S. Space Camp

Dennis Kunkel's Microscopy

Microscopy Primer

Missouri Botanical Gardens: MBGnet Home

Human Genome Project Information

Guided Tour: Visible Human Project


Neuroscience for Kids

Ocean Planet Home Page

The Electronic Zoo


U.S. Geological Survey

Internet Plasma Physics Education Experience

The Franklin Institute

Science City

St.Louis Science Center


Miami Museum of Science

Storytime in Space

Maker Stations

Record Keeping

FHE Plan Book, Fillable Hour Log, and Fillable Transcript Template
(Downloads Available for FHE Members – Login at the bottom of this page,
then click on the “Members Only” tab and “Member Resources”)

Academic Records by Classical Conversations (high school transcript) (high school transcript)

Edu-Track Home School

Homeschool Tracker 

Homeschool Planbook 

HomeSchool Minder

Education Plus+ 

Fast Transcripts

Reference and Research

Cathy Duffy Reviews

Intelligence Resource

Websters Dictionary

Old Farmers Almanac

Britannica Online 

CIA World Fact Book

National Geographic

The Library of Congress

Smithsonian Research Museums

Information Please


National Geographic Society

Discover America Through Postcards

US National Parks



Animated American Timeline

Colonial Williamsburg

Lewis and Clark

NativeAmerican Indian Resources

The American Civil War Homepage

The Civil War Homepage

Edison National Historic Site Home Page

The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

The White House Historical Association, First Kids

The Presidents

The First Ladies of the United States of America



Writing Den 


Internet Public Library

Typing Program

Jarrett Learner Writing Activities


National Black Home Educators

Quia Web

Donna Young's Homeschool Printables 

Teachers.Net Lesson Plans 

Discover School's Puzzlemaker

Homeschool World

Dynamic Learning


450 Ivy League courses you can take for free right now


Online Options

Virtual Field Trips

FreedomHomeschooling virtual fieldtrips  


HUGE List Of VIRTUAL Field Trips

Coronavirus Relief Packs

NSD Extended Learning