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Friday, October 18, 2019 by FHE

FHE understands that there have been a few instances where the local prosecuting attorney is either sending out letters to homeschool families or sending the letter through the local school district at the time the child is withdrawn from the public school to homeschool requesting that the parent or guardian bring their homeschool records to the prosecuting attorney’s office for review.

This is of a very serious concern of Families for Home Education that parents and legal guardians who would have their homeschool records reviewed by the prosecuting attorney simply for choosing the option to homeschool their children which is a legal education option allowed by our Missouri state statue (RSMO 167.031.2).

If your family has received such a letter and is a member of HSLDA, contact them immediately. Whether you are a member of HSLDA or not, please contact FHE immediately. We need to have this information to help preserve Missouri homeschool freedoms. Anything you send us or speak about will be kept private unless we have your permission to share it.

HSLDA membership is $130.00 per year. If you are an FHE member, HSLDA will give you a $15.00 discount on their membership if paid in full. HSLDA also offers a monthly payment plan of $11.00 per month for 12 months.

Thank you for your consideration of this matter,

Sheryl Schmidt
Assistant to the Executive Director
Families for Home Education
877-696-6343, ext. 62 (message line)
[email protected]

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