FHE would like to thank all those who attended and supported the FHE 32nd Rally

“Standing Together for Homeschool Freedom”

The Rally was a tremendous blessing. Exceptional music was provided by the River City Choir. We were ministered to by several homeschooling students who provided introductory music and a homeschool challenge. Inspirational messages were brought by Former Congressman Todd Akin, Kerry Messer and Abram Messer, FHE lobbyists. Several key legislators also spoke and emphasized the importance of homeschooling families engaging in direct personal contacts with their respective Senators and Representatives. Many homeschool families brought cookies and made visits to their legislators.


Save the Date!—Next year’s FHE 33rd Annual Rally at the Capitol Rotunda—March 8, 2016.

Families for Home Education


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FHE's 32nd Rally
March 3, 2015
At the
Capitol Rotunda

"Standing Together for
Home School Freedom"


Featured speaker

Former U.S. Congressman

Todd Akin

Show appreciation to your Senator and Representative

by bringing them a small plate of cookies!!!


***Visit the FHE table in the Capitol Rotunda and pick up cards to bring to your

Senator and Representative.This will let them know you were

at the Capitol to attend the FHE Rally!


***Look up your Missouri State Senator and Missouri State Representative at: http://www.senate.mo.gov/LegisLookup/default.aspx


Visit their Senate and House webpages to find their Capitol office room number.


***Be prepared: You can find the Jefferson City downtown parking map at:  http://www.midmogis.org/Forms/documents/DowntownParking.pdf


When parking, be sure to check parking time limits.


***Remember: The Capitol is a place of business. We need to be

quiet and respectful as we move through the Capitol.

Please do not block the hallways and stairs.

The offices are small. Please leave strollers and

large bags outside the office door.

Thank you for your consideration of your Legislators.



Take time to visit

Your Legislators

There are many educational points of Interest :

Tour the Capitol
Spend time in the State Museum
Visit the Governor's Mansion
Or the
Supreme Court Building

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This is YOUR home education lobbyist!



To our knowledge, he is the first "lobbyist" to ever be invited into the Chamber to pray for the State Legislature!

(This article was adapted by FHE from
"MESSER ADDRESSES STATE LEGISLATURE", the Pathway, September 27, 2014)

Families for Home Education Lobbyist
Kerry Messer Addresses State Legislature

JEFFERSON CITY – Home school and pro-family lobbyist Kerry Messer prayed for the State Legislature before it opened a marathon veto session, Sept. 10. Before praying, he thanked legislators, staff members and lobbyists for the support and encouragement they have shown his family since the disappearance of his wife, Lynn, on the night of July 7th of this year.

That the State Legislature allowed Messer to address the assembly was in itself an uncommon, bipartisan act of support,

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